Reviews of workshops in San Francisco.

This class was awesome. Laurie is really chill and was a great workshop leader. She led us on a guided sensory tour before setting us loose to take some pictures. We met back up to share and go over the images that we came up with! She’s got some great advice about the photographic process and really encouraged us to work outside our normal comfort zones. The techniques that she shared for how to get a deeper understanding of a place were really effective, and it’s something that can be applied anywhere. I’d definitely recommend this class, and Laurie in general!
– Megan Amaral, QA Engineer

I’m very much a novice at photography, and art overall. This workshop was a really enjoyable experience. I left with new ways of thinning about taking photos and capturing the experience of a place and an experience in a photo. For me, Laurie guidance was of great value and the group discussion built upon that nicely. Wandering and talking pictures with the concepts that were laid out was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and I can see a difference in the photos that I took due to the workshop.
– Alicia Young, School Psychologist

I really enjoyed this class. Laurie had excellent exercises, which I think really improved my photography skills, and got me excited about photography again
Mike Brand, User Experience Designer

Laurie was a great mentor for the day. She taught different strategies to help us expand our minds toward how we view a certain neighborhood. By looking at things slightly different I felt I was to take pictures I normally would not have taken. She provided great feedback on the pictures I did take and was very supportive. Definitely recommend her for future students.
Scott Cappuzzo, Media Supervisor

I must say that I had an excellent experience partaking in this workshop. Laurie gives a very constructive yet simple approach to heightening your own unique photographic process in regards to the sights, sounds, aromas, textures & tastes of a given environment (utilizing the senses & acknowledging how they influence you as an individual, in other words). She centralizes her workshops in specific areas of the city to give the student a deeper understanding, sense & purpose behind the photos they are taking. Her process is low-pressure, & can benefit anyone from a novice to a professional (a great course to take on Sunday afternoon, or any afternoon for that matter). Not to mention she is very cool & down to earth. Taking only a few hours out of the day, her workshops are fun, thought-provoking & perspective-enhancing. I highly recommend these workshops!
– Cameron Lehere, 
Graphic Designer

Laurie was well prepared and stayed on course with the subject discussed throughout the workshop.
Howard Leung, Design Professional

It’s been a great class that really helped me sharpen my eye and taught me how to expand my visual and sensual experience of my surrounding. Her exercises opened up the pattern of my looking at a place and helped me to see more, to capture the spirit of a place with my camera by making me aware of the visual elements I have at my disposal.
Marion Weigel, Filmmaker

Laurie was a great teacher. She was structured, explained conceptual topics simply and made the whole experience interesting and fun. I enjoyed benefiting from her experience.
– Julien J. [SF tourist]