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Learners will create and experience art + architecture – as they learn social and emotional skills. Social and Emotional Learning is just as important as learning reading and math; they are skills that are essential for success in school, work, life.

This introduction to art and architecture will be a platform for learners to express and understand their relationship to themselves and others. The art and architecture presented will include works of historical importance, as well as contemporary culture. Learners will work with a variety of art processes (drawing, painting, collage, model-making, sculpture) as a way to communicate and reflect themselves – and Social/Emotional Learning concepts – through art. Learners will be supported in developing their creativity, an understanding of art forms and a better understanding of themselves.

Every two weeks during the 10 week – M/W or T/TH twice a week course for 20 sessions, there will be a focus on the five Core Social and Emotional Competencies:
Week One and Two: Empathy/ Architecture and Model Making
Week Three and Four: Communication/Public Art
Week Five and Six: Social Equity and Diversity/Painting
Week Seven and Eight: Self-Awareness/Watercolor
Week Nine and Ten: Identity/Collage

An example class for Identity: Through a multi-media presentation, learners will discuss the concept of identity; they will see artwork by artists that make art about their own identities; do a short writing exercise and then learners will be introduced to the project of the day: to create a collage that responds to the question: “What makes up your identity?” Learners will then socialize in relation to their art works.

Projects are designed to include US National Visual Arts Standards. Focus is on process, not product. This class is ideal for students with autism, but it’s open to all learners.

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