Laura Halsey Brown is an Social Emotional Arts and Artistic Mental Health specialist. She also creates public art as senseofplace LAB. Founded in 2008.

She provides a supportive 'place' for students to create art, with on focus on SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) and Mental Health. Her educational experiences are for all learners; including neurodiverse and LGBTQ students. Her classes are online with and in-person at Dylan Jude Harrell Community Center in Long Beach, WA..

senseofplace LAB has created public art projects that make visible the value within a place. Projects use art and architectural strategies to produce layered visuals that heighten a relationship to place - and inspire the viewer to be more present in place. She is included in the Public Art Roster at the Washington State Commission for the Arts.

Her intra-media art practice - outside of senseofplace LAB public projects - can be seen at

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