Shados is a meditation on time and place, via capturing the patterns of shadows on site over a durational period. The works are created through a performative drawing process, which begins with putting paper on the ground and drawing/erasing/drawing in the shadows from landscape or architectural elements nearby that fall within a charcoal circle, on the paper.

This performative process takes place on site, and invites passerby to pause and consider what the artist is working on. Which then gives them an opportunity to look more closely at the site; the shadows that fall on the surface over time and the landscape or architectural element that produces the shadow.

The performance takes three or more hours and is filmed. Sometimes the film is projected onto the finished drawing. Sometimes the film is projected back onto the site where the drawing took place. New site-specific versions of this project created for both public space and gallery context could take the forms of 2D works, video installations or sculptural material attached directly to the site.

Shados has had five incarnations since 2014. Click titles for more info on individual works.


breathing1breathing in place, 2014 Commissioned by SOMarts for the exhibition Place/Displaced. ( 5 sec. excerpt of video projection]


shadow1Radial Shadow gifs, 2015 Shown at the 25th Anniversary of Focal Point Galley in Southend, London, UK as part of the multi-screen exhibition ‘Graphics Interchange Format: 25 Years of Focal Point Gallery’. 


2aMexico postcard #3 (Shados in Mexico City), 2015

parkinglotartfairRadial Shadows @ Parking Lot Art Fair, 2015  Performative drawing in public space.

julianaRadial Shadows @ Parking Lot Art Fair, 2016  Performative drawing in public space.