The senseofplace LAB residency is for engaging with the Presidio landscape.  The 12′ x 12′ space is is in a public apartment complex; this semi-private area includes a couch/double bed,  work table and 12″ x 8′ wall space. The residency includes working with Laura Halsey Brown in any capacity needed. Each resident will be asked to make a sliding scale donation.

CONTACT: with details of your interest.

For upcoming residences, there’s a focus on audio work. senseofplace LAB has two pieces of equipment for use:


Kaledioloop sound recorder/manipulator                          Nagra sound recorder

Rachelle Reichert
 was the first resident in May, 2016:
I was extremely productive for the 24 hour period I was there. I used the residency as a time to mostly do research on existing projects which was extremely helpful in figuring out the direction to take in my work. I really appreciated that I didn’t have to worry about meals- thank you. That whole thing tends to really distract me. I also used the time there to research the geology and ecology of the Presidio and created some drawings/rubbing of the rock formations on China Beach.

John Kamp was the second resident for October, 2016:
Above all the opportunity to work at the senseofplace LAB Studio allowed me to be a part of something larger than just my work. Knowing that what I was producing was going to be included in an exhibition of multiple artists, including senseofplace LAB’s Laura Halsey Brown, I didn’t have the sense that I was working in a vacuum. At times, this sense of a shared effort was very literal, such as when Laura and I teamed up and sewed together pieces of fabric for the installation I was working on. At other times, when I was working by myself, I still felt steeped in the creative energy of the space and the incredible natural energy of the surrounding environment, which is full of wild, overgrown vegetation, hawks, crows, and so many other birds and critters making their sounds and going about their lives. So fitting it was that I was making a landscape installation within that space; the work was both inspired by and for the environment the senseofplace LAB Studio rests within.

Irina Contreras will be the third resident at the beginning of 2016.

The space is also available for visiting creatives to spend time in San Francisco. There’s a free shuttle every day, every 1/2 hour from 7 to 7. It’s goes door-to-door to Embarcadero BART.

CONTACT: with details of your interest.