the there1
The text was chosen by Darrin Martin for 12.25.13. Top photos are by Darrin Martin [RIO] and the bottom by LHB [OAXACA].


The there there. is a senseofplace LAB strategy that uses language to frame and heighten aspects of place. It was created as a way to engage participants in a deeper relationship to place, and to the process of photographing places.

Each project using this strategy investigates different places and can include two or more participants. The process is a shared experience, which creates the illusion of simultaneity. The text can be chosen by participants, and/or chosen in collaboration with project partners, and/or commissioned by senseofplace LAB as original piece of writing specific to a place. This strategy incorporates an educational component into an art experience – as it invites a layered, individual relationship to a place.

The there there. [RIO / OAXACA] with Darrin Martin is the first time the strategy has been used. From 12.25.13 to 1.1.14, Darrin and I were in places new to us: Darrin was in Rio de Janerio, Brazil and I was in Oaxaca, Mexico. Everyday during this period, we sent each other a text fragment that the other had to respond to with three photographs. We also responded to our own. The project will include all 96 photos/videos + this soundscape by senseofplace LAB – to be put into a digital/physical form in 2014. Darrin’s third image is a still from this video: