SPOTLIGHT on the Panhandle was a psychogeographic photo/literary event as part of NOWSF Community Festival. Participants met at the McKinley Statue across from the DMV in the Panhandle on May 1, 2, and 3 @ 5:30. SPOTLIGHT is like zooming in on a neighborhood via a Google map, to have its ‘sense of place’ revealed – by you. This event brings people together within a focused radius in order to experience what’s really there.

The event began with a talk about the The Diggers by Morgan Fitzgibbons, NOWSF Festival Organizer, and Professor at USF. Participants then received an invitation to shift their consciousness in relation to place. There are 32 distinct invitations. The invitations included a text fragment based on writings about the area, and were invited to roam [based on psychogeographic ‘directions’] within a radial area surrounding the McKinley Statue – and take three photos. The group then met back at the statue to share their photos, and sent them to senseofplace LAB to form a ‘sense of place’ map of the area.

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