SPOTLIGHT [on Bayview+Mission] focuses on 2 areas in San Francisco where changes are rapidly occurring. During two community events in the Mission and Bayview in 2014, participants are invited to take photos to reflect their perspective on the changes taking place there, and the valuable aspects of these places.

bayview_postcard_site copyPostcard design in collaboration with ’16th and Mission Thursday Night Free Word Happenings’


On October 4, 2014, senseofplace LAB participated in the “No Monster in the Mission” activist march and festival at 16th/Mission BART. Working with incredible Eric Nielson and the Plaza 16 Coalition, senseofplace LAB created dialogue with people at the event via asking them for their thoughts about the valuable aspects of this community.



On September 19, 2014  senseofplace LAB facilitated a social engagement action for Bayview’s Third on Third. Working with public engager extraordinaire Marie Applegate of bahay c, we asked people to tell us  what places they wanted to protect and what places they want to change. The following are from the banner where they wrote their thoughts.

Visualize YOUR voice!


1. Take 3 photos of what you want to PROTECT in your community and 3 photos of what you want to see CHANGE.

2. Add #ProtectBayview and #ChangeBayview or #ProtectMission and #ChangeMission to each image. You can also add your name [if you choose].

3. e-mail them to: or to be added to a database to be shared with local politicians and community groups to help them communicate YOUR needs for YOUR community.

4. Found sounds from the community are also welcome for contribution via e-mail.

The images will be a visual voice of the community, about their community. The images will be organized into an online database to be used by community groups such as BayView Opera House  and Plaza 16 Coalition as part of discussions with the city regarding the changes taking place.