Project organized by Gensler Architects as part of the Market Street Prototyping Festival in San Francisco in April, 2015.

SPOTLIGHT [on Bayview] Exchange Portal is a reference to flyposting on city walls, and people using the street to communicate issues meaningful to their community. The work uses the form of visual street messaging to give people a voice in regards to their community. Each poster used in the piece includes an image by a College Track student, that visualizes what they would protect (#ProtectBayview) and change (#ChangeBayview) in their neighborhood. The diptych forms a dialogue about Bayview: images that reflect the changes that the students want to see are on one panel, and the things that they want to protect on the other.


Photos by College Track students: Michael Delara, Lizet Gonzalez, Citlally Grande, Elaine Guan, Flavio Lucana, Lidia May, Celeste Quintero, Gilberto Sanchez, Brandon Torres, Joel Venegas. Teacher: Victoria Mara Heilweil. College Track (www.collegetrack.org] is located in the Bayview and recruits students from underserved communities and works continuously with them from the summer before 9th grade through college graduation.


The project also invites the public to use their camera as their voice,  share what they think should be protected and changed in Bayview, and upload their images with either hashtag, plus two for the festival and project: ‪#‎ProtectBayview‬ ‪#‎ChangeBayview‬ #‎MSPFPortals‬ #‎MSPF

 “The walls are the printing press of the poor” – Eduardo Galeano