Being There series 2003-2006
Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Three large-scale interdisciplinary projects that used a structure of public/private, local/global to widen a perspective on aspects of city identity specific to architecture.

Funded by CBK/BKOR Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Project explored squatting practices in the Netherlands, which included: a live webcam in a squatted room and a poster as a traveling curatorial project.

Funded by Stimurlingsfonds voor Architectuur Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Project explored issues of local architecture and the identity of the city of Rotterdam, which included: posters placed around the city next to locally designed buildings, which read “This building was designed by a local architect” (in Dutch) and a documentary interviewing many local Rotterdam architects about why there are so few buildings built by local architects when Rotterdam has the densest population of architects in the world.

Funded by PROJECT Talking Artist Award and ISIS Arts New Media Commission, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Project explored issues of local architecture and the identity of the city of Newcastle, which included: a faux real estate web site with 360 views of local architecture, and projections onto buildings.


Image from main archive page: wall2
Public text piece, “These Walls are Under Video Surveillance” was installed in a Belfast train station in 1999.

SELECTED EXHIBITIONS related to social practice
2000 Arthouse  Dublin, Ireland  Freeze II exhibition: video projection; timeframe
Catalyst Arts  Belfast, Ireland   Two person exhibition: L. Halsey Brown and Jean West

2004 ISIS Arts Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
2002 Pilotprojekt Gropiusstadt, Berlin, Germany
Stichting Duende Aktiviteiten Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2001 LMCC Residency/Artist-in-Residence,World Trade Center, NYC
Santa Fe Art Institute Santa Fe, NM
2000 Cushendall Tower Cushendall, N. Ireland
FlaxArt Studios Belfast, N. Ireland
1998 Anderson Ranch Arts Center Aspen, Colorado

Places We Are; a series of site-specific curated video projects in everyday spaces:
2003 EAT; shown in the UNIE restaurant in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2000 greetings  from; shown on tour buses in Ireland and New York City
after a few drinks in Belfast; shown in several bars in Belfast, N. Ireland
1999 after a few drinks; shown simultaneously in eight NYC area bars
1998 moving and traveling; shown on ArtShuttle bus The Downtown Arts Festival, NYC

2011 Creative Capacity Grant Creative Capacity Fund
2005 PROJECT Talking Artist Award  Newcastle, UK for beingthere.v3.newcastle.06 Stimurlingsfonds voor Architectuur Rotterdam, the Netherlands for beingthere.v2.r’dam.05 CBK/BKOR Rotterdam grant for beingthere.v2.r’dam.03
2004 CBK/BKOR Rotterdam presentation grant for beingthere.v2.r’dam.05
ISIS Arts Newcastle upon Tyne, UK New Media Commission for welkom 2 r’dam
Department of Cultural Affairs Charleston, South Carolina Low Country Quarterly Arts Grant
2002 CBK Rotterdam, the Netherlands ProjectSubsidie for beingthere.v1.squat.03
2000 GUNK Foundation NY Public Art Project Grant for a Places We Are project
Artist Space NYC Independent Project Grant for a Places We Are project