Radial Shadows_Parking Lot Art Fair 2016 was created in a parking space near Fort Mason as part of the Parking Lot Art Fair. The piece is designed so that aspects of the performance are happening simultaneously but within a circular motion. This reflects the movement of time, of the sun; both of which are inherent aspects of the piece.    view3



postcardsThe drawings were created on site, over a period of time and are then cut into postcards and given away. During the day, I was on a platform of wood palettes (as architecture), and created several 26” x 40” drawings based the movement of the shadows on the paper. For this version of the project since I wasn’t able to fully choose a spot to work, I gathered materials form the site to make a still life, and drew the shadows created from that. After a drawing was done, I hung it on the moveable clothes rack. The viewer was invited to work on the drawing at this stage. Then my collaborator Juliana Gerdes took the drawing and made 16 postcards out of it. She then laid these on the ground in different patterns, to form a social engagement process with passer-by by inviting them to take one, and to mail it.