This experience involves a listening to sound art as background for meditative walk through the Presidio. The audio piece uses found sounds to heighten your experience with your surroundings.The hour walk goes through 2 forests, Baker’s Beach, Lobos Creek and a boardwalk native plant preserve.


  • To heighten a relationship to local nature.
  • Environmentalism is fostered. The more a place is experienced, the more people care about it.
  • To more deeply experience the forests of the Presidio through the process of Shinrin Yoku. (Shinrin Yoku is Japanese for “Forest Bathing” or to ‘bathe’ in a natural environment through the senses.)There is a great deal of scientific research available that firmly establishes the many benefits of spending time in  nature. Much of it comes from Japan, although there is a great deal of evidence from research in many other countries as well. The International Society of Nature and Forest Medicine maintains lists of articles and links on Forest Medicine and Nature Medicine. The home of much of this research is the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine.

This project can be adapted for any type/age of group to participate in. All workshops are individually tailored to each group. A group consists of 1 minimum and 10 maximum people.

We will meet in one of several parking lots near forest areas in the Presidio.

$25 per person, from 1 to 10 people. You can also make a tax deductible donation.

Laurie Halsey Brown is the Director of senseofplace LAB. She is an award-winning interdisciplinary and community-oriented artist that has created projects and exhibited internationally. She also has many years of teaching and education administration experience. After receiving her MFA from Cal Arts, she taught as a museum educator in many NYC museums, including the Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum of Art for several years. She then worked as the Education Director at several arts spaces including Art in General and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts, followed by a position as the Media Education Coordinator for the New Museum of Contemporary Art. She was a faculty member of the New School University, NYC from 1999 to 2012, where she designed and taught an online course titled ‘Interdisciplinary Media and Contemporary Society. Since moving to San Francisco, she has designed and taught several photo-based workshops through SkillShare, and was the Program Director for Art With Elders in 2012.

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