project _image_NNIWNomadic Nature in Situ / WINTER  – The Time Between Dog and Wolf : March 2013 [Photo by LHB / senseofplace LAB]

The Time Between Dog and Wolf were invited to respond to an area of the Presidio near Lobos Creek that has large ‘nests’ formed by branches and overhanging trees. Their work references ‘shelter’ as well as those created by the Ohlone Indians. The installation process was documented as part of the work, and they were wearing all white to make their process more visible. Construction occurred over 2 days just before the official end of Winter in early March. The piece concluded with a short walk to the beach where there was a reception until sunset.

Faye Kendall and Sophie Leininger work collaboratively as The Time Between Dog and Wolf, creating Magic Circles; in-situ installations and performances that describe the psychological process of the artist, the systematic suspension of reason and doubt necessary to create a work and the different and unique universe it generates from.


Nomadic Nature In Situ is a seasonal project curated by senseofplace LAB, in/for the landscape. For 2013, each of the four works in this project will focus on and take place in the Presidio, San Francisco. The works do not interfere with the local ecology, and are temporary. Each piece will contribute to the development of a shared ‘language of place’.

Each season, an artist or artist group will be invited to respond to a landscape/situation chosen for them by senseofplace LAB. This project is primarily an invitation for artists/architects/designers/urban planners/writers to work in response to the landscape as an experimental aspect of their practice, not just  those with backgrounds working in response to the natural environment.

The work the artists create will respond to the environment, and evolve organically through time. Each new work will include an event, and a half an hour meditational sit. The works will be documented by senseofplace LAB every season, and the resulting documentation of all of the projects as a whole after one year will become it’s own work.