September 18, 2014
For those disembarking on the Brookland/CUA stop on the RedLine.
Meditations from the Bay Area ~ curated by senseofplace LAB

These video works are meant to bring an aspect of the meditative qualities of the Bay Area to the public realm of DC. As people leave the Metro after work and enter the street, the works provide a contemplative transition between workspace and home. Each video projects an aspect of a Bay Area frame of mind onto the streets of DC. 

Quantum Tunneling 10 min Kadet Kuhne

Roadside Memorials 5 min [excerpt] Jeanne C. Finley + John Muse

Trojan Horse 4 min Brian King

Abstractions 1.5 min. Justin Hoover

Ruminant 8 min Kadet Kuhne / Paul Clipson

[Photos by Sue Wrbican]