Photos by Miguel Arzabe

Site-specific installation at 16th/Mission BART Plaza, San Francisco
Project up from June until December, 2015
Social engagement action, Four C-prints 46″ x 55″, Informational Panel
Made possible by a Caltrans Environmental Justice: Context Sensitive Design Program grant

Markings is an on-going community-based project; MARKINGS_∆, 2013an aspect of Markings for DOTD 2014, Markings (Bayview + Mission), 2014 and Markings (The Lex), 2015.  For this site-specific version, SF residents were invited to ‘tag’ places in the Mission that have special meaning for them – with their memories.

On October 4, 2014, senseofplace LAB facilitated a social engagement action as part of the Plaza 16 Coalition “No Monster in the Mission” March+Festival at the 16th Street BART Plaza. People were invited to share their memories of places on tags that were written with “This is where…”. The tags were added to small flags and placed in front of each place connected to a memory, and photographed. The photographs are framed with found frames to reflect the intimate feelings that people have for places.

The project reveals the value that places have beyond the monetary.

3 copy

Each tag is printed with “This is where. ..”. Memories of places in the Mission surrounding the 16th/Mission BART are written by community members. The photographs are framed with found frames to reflect the intimate feelings that people have for places.frames

frame1…He visto a la gente empujando hacia atrás + resistiendo en los últimos años
…On the corner of 16th + Mission, I have seen the people pushing back + resisting over the years

frame2…Hago compras y paso el rato. Me recuerda a las Filipinas
…I shop and hang out. Reminds me of the Philippines.

frame3…solía ser un lugar que podíamos caminar con nuestras familias. Perder murales. Ahora me siento menospreciada
… used to be a place we could walk with our families. Losing murals. Now I feel looked down on.

frame4.…tomé mi primera clase de baile con 3 generaciones de mujeres Latinas
…I took my first dance class with 3 generations of Latina women.