This one-time class is for learners to support the voting process by making postcards that can be sent to an organization that mails them to voters (such as Learners can also make posters that they can post with parental permission.

With the voting process being so talked about this year, students will learn more about what it is and why it’s important. This is a non-partisan class, so there is no focus on candidates or parties – just on the voting process itself. Voting process information will be followed by images of art made to support voting: on postcards, fashion, murals, posters.

Materials needed include paper the weight of thin cardboard cut to postcard size (3.5” x 5”) or poster size and art materials that the learner chooses. Art mediums can include paint, markers, drawing pencils, crayons. Learners are welcome to cut their postcards to size during class.

This is an opportunity for learners to engage in the voting process!

NOTE: The postcard image is from – another organization that mails postcards.