In this flex class, learners will more deeply experience the world around them through art. Each week a new video will be presented that outlines an art assignment in which learners make an artwork(s) and share them with each other. Each art assignment focuses on a different art element (shape, color, size/scale, line and shadow) and asks students to work with a different art medium (drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, photography). The assignment will be presented as a ‘treasure hunt’, in order to have learners to ‘find’ art elements around them. Learners will be asked to look closely at their environment to find the art elements, and then they will be asked to create an artwork based on it. Each week, one of the art elements will be paired with a different art process.

Week 1- Feb 22 is shape and drawing; the video discusses shape, including showing examples in art history, and then provides then provides a hand-on demo of a drawing process. Learners are asked to look for the shapes of things that they see around them (such as squares) and then do a drawing of what they find. For example, drawings of a computer monitor, window, pillow, box etc. Week 2 – March 1 is color and painting, Week 3 – March 8 is size/scale and collage, Week 4 – March 15 is line and sculpture and Week 5 – March 22 is shadow and (smartphone) photography.

Each learner will post their artworks in the classroom during the week. They will each receive a response from the teacher, as well as from other learners. Focus is on process versus product.

Course image by Paul Klee ‘Red Balloon’, 1922