Kids will learn about public artists that are making art regarding environmental issues. They will then make art themselves to reflect their own concerns about the environment.

The first day will include a presentation of public artists that make murals in response to environmental issues. We will discuss why some artists make work for public space versus for a gallery. Kids will then make a painting(s) to reflect their own thoughts about the environment. There will be a discussion about posting it outside (with permission). The second day focuses on public environmental sculpture using recycled materials. There will be a presentation of works, discussion, followed by students making their own public art sculpture using found/recycled materials.

Kids will learn how art can have a positive affect on themselves and others. How art can be used to connect us, and to communicate. Projects will be designed to include SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) components such as Self-Awareness and Relationship skills. The class is a one week, two-day TU/TH class. The main focus is on process, not product.

Class scheduled based on parent/learner interest on:

NOTE: Class image is a work by Andy Goldsworthy