Each class will begin with a walk through a different part of Cape Disappointment, a state park on the Washington coast. “The park has multiple ecosystems; from coastal fog forest to the saltwater marsh to beach coves to grass-covered dunes. The rustic trails cut through some impressive huge old Spruce and Hemlock trees and often end up either at a lighthouse or at an abandoned military structure.”

These walks create an interactive experience with learners, who will share their thoughts about what they see on the walk through e-mail. Based on student responses, what is seen on the ‘virtual hike’ will be the focus of the introduction of an art project. Learners will use mixed-media – including natural materials that they collect – to reflect shapes, colors, patterns found in nature. Art processes include drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. Focus is on looking closely at nature, with an environmental perspective.

Each class has three parts over a week; 1. Watch 30 min. video of walk through a new part of Cape Disappointment, take notes and e-mail them 2. Make art piece based on project introduced, and post final works. 3. Respond to other students’ work.

(Text and image from Cape Disappointment website)

Class can be booked on Outschool.com