A 20 page book, as an aspect of the interdisciplinary installation 5/7/5, 2012

This book is a line, a path through Japan.

During five weeks in the Fall of 2011, I took photographs to reveal quintessential aspects of the country. I began far north and worked on a farm in Hokkaido, then down near Mt. Fuji and worked on an apple orchard, then to Kyoto where I climbed Mt. Ogura, the poet’s mountain – and heard Haiku poets read their poems, then further south down to Kagoshima which has an active volcano, and then to Fukushima, which in contrast, had a vast stillness. Finally, I experienced the artistic energy of Yokohama and Tokyo.

Some of the photographs I took were based on suggestions – from people that live there, from people that had visited and from people that have never been – of what they considered to be the most unique elements of the country. This book includes five of these suggestions [to also be considered as a form of interactive public art], along with a few of my many ‘responses’, as I moved through Japan to discover it’s ‘sense of place’ or ba.

Designed in collaboration with Takashi Nakamura. Thanks to Yuni Nunokawa for translation, and to Claudia Chapline, Stephen Gill, Darrin Martin, Kazu Nakagomi and Jeffrey Tumlin for their suggestions.

Background images are sections from art created in the Edo period, as part of the exhibition: Drama and Desire: Japanese Painting from the Floating World 1690-1850. This exhibition had a large influence on the entire project.

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