Paul McCartney in Dialogue with Cheryl Donegan, 2001
curated for the New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC window

excerpt from 2002 ZING magazine interview with Cheryl Donegan:
ZING: It was a great idea to pair your work with McCarthy’s. Whose idea was that?
Cheryl Donegan: It was Laurie Halsey Brown’s idea to put McCarthy and me together. She is the New Media Education Director at the New Museum. She organized a series of projects in the New Museum’s window during the McCarthy show with artists whose works were related to McCarthy’s. I’m the only one who was paired directly with McCarthy. I think the reason it worked was because, although we participate in a similar legacy of performance/video/painting, there are enough significant differences to make it interesting. I think my work is flatter than his – takes place in a more shallow, anonymous, and maybe desperate space – my back is literally to the wall.

2004-2005 66 East Centre for Urban Culture Amsterdam the Netherlands   online curatorial projects
2003 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen Library Collection Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Video Lounge+[excerpts from current English]
‘Taking Possession of Space-a transient exhibition’, as part of beingthere.v01.squat.03
REJECT Festival  Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Act Like a Man and Describing Place
2002 Piet Zwart Institute  Rotterdam, the Netherlands (on site aspect: 9 video programs) here+there: online+ on site project
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
<stepping back/moving forward>Human Interaction in an Interactive Age
(co-curated with William Stover)
TENT Rotterdam, the Netherlands  watching-and-seeing
2001 A/V.2- a series of video events with audio by the  DJ’s Minimalia
The New Museum of Contemporary Art, NYC;
‘Paul McCarthy in dialogue with Cheryl Donegan’
2000 The Center for Photography at Woodstock  Woodstock, NY;
media(tion); acceleration and fragmentation
1999 The Kitchen NYC  ‘Television Delivers Us (to ourselves)
The Avignon Film Festival NYC  the pixeled narrative
Brooklyn Community Access Television Brooklyn, NY
Caught on Videotape... A 13  week program on cable
1998 MIX Festival at Anthology Film Archives NYC Act Like a Man
57 Hope Gallery NY Five part series;  notes on moving images
Boulder  Museum of Contemporary Art  Boulder, CO Transformation
The Video Room Video Festival at Galapagos  Williamsburgh- Brooklyn, NY
1997 Knitting Factory Video Lounge Moving Time and co-curated programs with Joanna Spitzner