At an exhibition at American Institute for Architecture SF in 2007, titled INOUT, I saw a design of a bike rack shaped like a car and placed in a parking space. It underlined my awareness that design and public art can play a distinctive role in making biking more accessible.

In late 2009, I approached SFBC with an idea that would connect with their work on the Treasure Island Community Transportation Plan, which launched their report in April, 2009 with recommendations for how to create a model bike and pedestrian friendly community. This plan creates is a huge opportunity for the redeveloped island to be truly sustainable — 3,500 and 5,000 housing units will be located within a 10-minute walk of a transit center. Using a very small portion of the monies from a $98,000 grant from CalTrans Division of Transportation Planning, my idea for a the Treasure Island Bike Rack as Public Art Design Contest began development. In February, 2009, we received 70 submissions of high quality in just 3 weeks time, which reflects well on the talent pool in San Francisco. This aspect of the contest alone generated valuable awareness of Treasure Island.

In March, 2009, I organized an interdisciplinary panel for the competition to include leading people from the fields of architecture, design, urban planning, public art and public transportation; David Baker/Partner David Baker + Partners, Courtney Fink/Director of SOEX Gallery, Dave Snyder/Transportation Policy Director at SPUR, Heath Maddox/Bicycle Sharing Program at the SFMTA, Ben Davis/Owner, Words, Pictures, Ideas and Teri Gardiner/ Communications Director of the SFBC.

The panel chose the winners based on how well the rack reflected the unique character of Treasure Island, whether it was functional as a bike rack and whether or not it activated public space. The racks have since been fabricated, and permanently installed in San Francisco – with two installed in front of City Hall. The racks may be re-installed on Treasure Island.

Kirk Scott, Todd Gilens and Kody Kellogg [not fabricated]
Honorable Mentions:
Ryan Dempsey [fabricated], Gabriel Phillips, Eugene Wong, Mark Flaming & Geoff Palmer.

Press from Wired.