Individually designed class to support the learner in developing their creativity, an understanding of art forms and a better understanding of themselves.

Class taught online with the platform More info and sign-up for classes here.

Class Experience

Learners will create and experience art + architecture – as they learn social and emotional skills. Social and Emotional Learning is just as important as learning reading and math; they are skills that are essential for success in school, work, life. This introduction to art will be a platform for learners to express and understand their relationship to themselves and others. The art presented will include works of historical importance, as well as contemporary culture.

Learners will work with a variety of art processes as a way to communicate and reflect themselves – and Social/Emotional Learning concepts – through art. Learners will be supported in developing their creativity, an understanding of art forms and a better understanding of themselves. Students are supported to improve self-esteem and social interactions.

Class meets once a week. There will be a focus on Core Social and Emotional Competencies: Empathy, Communication, Social Equity and Diversity, Self-Awareness, Identity, Self-Management, Relationship Skills and Responsible Decision-Making. Projects can utilize collage, painting, drawing, video, photography – or other mediums based on the interests of the student.
An example class for Identity: Through a multi-media presentation, the learner will discuss the concept of identity; they will see artwork by artists that make art about their own identities; do a short writing exercise and then learners will be introduced to the project of the day: to create a collage that responds to the question: “What makes up your identity?”

Classes can be booked during the timeframe of 9am to 4pm PDT. Focus is on process, not product. This class is ideal for neurodivergent students, but it’s open to all learners. More info on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) can be found here: and NOTE:

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