Markings is a layered interplay of ephemeral moments in/of a place: space, time, light, sound and air. The work transforms an intersection of natural elements, into a monument to ‘hereness’. Markings marks any space as a ‘place’. It delineates the shape, light, sound and air of any location as one of worth.

Most of the Markings  projects have included an interactive component in which people are invited to fill out tags printed with “This is where…” – with their memories of places. The tags are then added to flags, which are put in front of the places where their memories took place, and photographed. In some works, the viewers choose a word that “describes” the ‘place’, with the letters punched out of the tag to create shadows on the ground.

The tags produce a layered set of identification markers of what imbues a location with a ‘sense of a place’. The project includes different levels of public authorship as an inherent part of developing projects that heighten a relationship to place. My hope is that an active experience of place empowers people to communicate their needs for their community, and strengthen a sense of civic engagement. Everyone has a relationship to place, and I utilize this truism as a way to invite important conversations.

The materials used for past works include found wire, paper tags and mylar. Mylar is an integral material to the concept of the piece; as it reflects the surroundings, catches and moves the light and makes a very lovely sound when the wind blows. I imagine new versions of this project for public space using more substantial materials but with the same properties. I’m especially interested in emphasizing the many ways that the tags make shadows on the ground. Currently working on a a gallery version of this series that responds to site and/or reflects another site of meaning.

Markings has had six incarnations since 2013. Click titles for more info on individual works.


10Markings_∆, 2013 was the first work in this series. It was commissioned by the Friends of Kezar Triangle, Golden Gate Park.


  • ...nos besamos por primera vez fuera del Camaleón [ahora Amnesia]. Todavía nos besamos 20 años + 5 desalojos después.
    ...we first kissed outside the Chameleon [now Amnesia]. We still kiss 20 years + 5 evictions later.

Markings (Bayview + Mission), 2014 Commissioned by SOMArts for the exhibition Place/Displaced.

12Markings (Dear Developer), 2015 Site-specific installation at 16th/Mission BART Plaza, San Francisco
Project up from June until December, 2015
Social engagement action, Four C-prints 46″ x 55″, Informational Panel
Made possible by a Caltrans Environmental Justice: Context Sensitive Design Program grant

  • ...I kissed a girl after a 10 year break.

Markings (The Lex), 2015  documents 20 memories that people had in/of The Lex, the last lesbian bar presently in San Francisco. This project was made in communication with Lila Thirkield, the owner of the bar and is supported by the Lexington Club Archival Project.


6Markings (The Impossibility of Describing Place v.1), 2016  Commissioned for Hayes Valley Art Works.

site4Markings (from Architecture as Pedestal exhibition), 2016

4In progress.